How to preserve banner image and text while cloning

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1. The banner message will appear from the system property 'glide.product.description'
Navigate to sys_properties.LIST and search for the name as 'glide.product.description. Open the record and the value is the description that shows a banner message on the instance.

2. By default, this property is preserved as a condition in preserve data tables.
a. Navigate to Preserve data

b. Search for the name 'Application Theme Properties' and open the record.

c. Notice the property 'glide.product.description' is preserved as conditions.
When a property is preserved as a condition, it will not be overwritten during the clone process.
It will protect data on the target instance from being overwritten.

d. You must define data preservers on the source instance. Defining them on the target instance does not preserve the data.

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