You are receiving duplicate push notifications and email notifications in ServiceNow Agent Mobile app. You have recently installed the ITSM mobile plugin in the instance.


Most Probable Cause: ITSM Mobile and ITSM Mobile Agent plugins are active. So there were two duplicate notifications generating duplicate emails.

If you are using an Orlando instance, the ITSM team has brought in a new ITSM Agent pre-built experience that is meant to replace the old ITSM plugin.
The old ITSM Agent plugin is called: 'ITSM Mobile' (This plugin was introduced Madrid -> New York)
The new ITSM Agent plugin that is accessible via ServiceNow store is called: 'ITSM Mobile Agent' (This plugin introduced in Orlando)

Below the options to fix the issue:

  • Remove the ITSM Mobile application
  • If you have not installed the ITSM Mobile Agent plugins, then you can continue to use the old plugin although there will be no further updates to this scoped application.
  • Rollback the ITSM Mobile plugin.

To uninstall the ITSM Mobile application please review this documentation:

1) Navigate to Applications Module
2) Select Installed applications
3) Search for ITSM
4) Open the application record.
5) Within the application record there are related links. Please select the uninstall option if you desire.

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Last Updated:2020-11-11 06:35:55