• Control the location of "get_process_info.exe" on servers

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  • "get_process_info.exe" is a mandatory script, that should be present as it extracts the information on the processes using executables created by ServiceNow.

  • "Service Mapping" plugin executes "get_process_info.exe" on target device and uses "C:\Temp". This location is hard-coded in the code and as such, it cannot be changed. This is by design.

  • If this file "get_process_info.exe" is removed/deleted from "C:\Temp" on target server, and when a discovery is executed against the target device, the file gets recreated.

  • Every time Discovery runs, the "get_process_info.exe" gets executed from the discovery code to get the process information.

  • Location change for "" from "C:\Temp" cannot be done OOB and if the business requirement is change this, customer's can do it through their own customizations and the affects of this are unknown as it is not supported OOB.


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