License workbench page is loading up empty, post upgrade to Paris.


Steps to Reproduce

1. Log into the instance

2. Navigate to "https://<instancename>.service-now.com/nav_to.do?uri=%2F$sam.ui%23%2Fdomain%2Fundefined%2Fall"



  • The latest results from "samp_publisher_result" table is responsible for showing up tiles with information on license workbench homepage. If we group the records with "latest = true", you would see the results are available only for one domain.

  • URL to access the latest "samp_publisher_result" records below


  • If we choose a particular domain from domain picker on License workbench, we would see the licensing information.

  • There are scenarios when domain does not show up in domain picker on license workbench.
  • In license workbench, domain information is loaded from "loadDomains()" function in the "dataLoader.js" script (SAM-UI is the repository).

  • With in "loadDomains()", a REST call is made to fetch the domains from "alm_domain_asset_process_setting" table.

  • Platform REST API, by default returns maximum of 10000 records. If there are multiple domains in the domain settings (alm_domain_asset_process_setting) page on the instance, it generally loads the top 10000 records sorted in order of domain name. 

  • For all domains to show up in license workbench domain picker, multiple requests have to be made to "alm_domain_asset_process_setting" table with pagination which involves code changes.


  • Workaround is to point the license workbench application module to point to directly to the URL of the domain where the data for the license workbench is available as below.


  • The other workaround is, from the list of all available domains in the "alm_domain_asset_process_setting" table, look for the ones with "run asset process = true" and remove the other domains.

  • While following the second workaround, ensure you are not clicking on "Refresh Domains" once records are deleted as this action would bring back all domains to "alm_domain_asset_process_setting" page which will reflect in license workbench.

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