Field drop-down values will not show in alphabetic order (French & Dutch languages) in service portal or native UI.

Release or Environment

All supported releases.


The root cause of the issue is that all the choices for the records in the specific table did not have translations available in sys_translated_text table.

Additional Information

Upon creating translations for the records in sys_translated_text table, the translations will show in alphabetic order.

The choices in the drop-down will always be sorted by default in English language.

If the choices have the same name/label in different languages, and they do not have the translations available in sys_translated_text table, the sorting will not work when the language is set to something different from English.

Note - Even if the choices/label are same in different languages, you need to create an entry in sys_translated_text for the choices to alphabetically sorted.

Article Information

Last Updated:2020-08-31 12:43:50