The Out of Box PA Spotlight Job : [PA Spotlight] Daily Data Collection shows below error Message in Job logs and does not collect any scores.

Error collecting for 20200319 com.glide.sys.TransactionCancelledException: Transaction cancelled: TimeLimitedBGTransaction expired.

Release or Environment

Instances where the "Spotlight" Plugin is installed before Jakarta.


The Job Log shows an error message because the indicator Source is having invalid date conditions as shown below.

Here are the complete details of the issue.

1. Indicator Source is created on Database view: u_incident_spotlight (join of incident and Spotlight)

2. The Filter condition "Created" on is taken from the created field from Spotlight table and this field is no longer available after Jakarta.

3. If the plugin is installed On or After Jakarta, created field on spotlight does not exist and hence we will not face this issue. But if the plugin is installed before Jakarta created field exists in spotlight table but no data gets captured in the field.


As the issue occurs only when the plugin is installed before Jakarta , We have a workaround in place.

Please replace spotlight_sys_created_on field with spotlight.spotlight_job_log.sys_created_on in indicator source and run the Job

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Last Updated:2020-08-30 23:39:42