When an itil_admin user is trying to Remediate de-dup task we may encounter the below error on the remediation page:
Error: Missing task label.


When we try to remediate the duplicate CIs using the de-duplicate task "Remediate" UI action, we try to get all the fields, all related items (including task, incident, relationships, etc) of all duplicate CIs. So that the user can choose merge/delete/keep the duplicated ones. During this, if it encounters this problem because of below:

  1. Non-availability of the related item records like the task, relationships, etc of the individual CIs.
  2. The ITIL role might be missing even though we added the itil_admin role.
  3. Maybe some custom ACL or query business rules that might be blocking access to above as in #1.


Make sure you check all as below:

  1. The itil role exists under the role under the itil_admin role and is added/inherited to the user that you are testing with.
  2. Make sure there are no orphaned related records (especially the related items) for any of the duplicate CI attached to the de-dup task.
  3. Make sure there are no custom business rule/ACL that blocks access to individual CI fields or the related items. (Especially on the CI columns and task table)

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Last Updated:2020-08-31 01:42:52