The OOB Job: "Event Management  - Update stuck connect" (full name: "Event Management  - Update stuck connectors" / runs every 2 mins and its purpose is to check for stuck connector instances.

This job calls the script include "EvtMgmtUpdateStuckConnectors" ( which generates a query (from lines 38 - 43) that unions all ecc_queue tables to filter for records on topic, queue, state and sys_updated_on (see filter condition below)

ecc_queue0000.`topic\`='ConnectorProbe' AND ecc_queue0000.\`queue\`='output' AND ecc_queue0000.\`state\`='error' AND ecc_queue0000.\`sys_updated_on\`>='2020-08-16 16:43:53'

This query may take anywhere from milliseconds to minutes, depending on the number of records in ecc_queue. Please note if ecc_queue does not participate in table rotation, the slow query will be on ecc_queue table only.

Steps to Reproduce

Please review System Diagnostics > Stats > Slow Queries for slow queries related to the job: "Event Management - Update stuck connect"

Please note that this KB is applicable for instances with the "Event Management" plugin (com.glideapp.itom.snac) installed.


There are 2 options:

a. Please import the attached xml in this KB for the script include: EvtMgmtUpdateStuckConnectors.

b. Upgrade the instance to a release that contains the fix for this PRB.

Related Problem: PRB1421022

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