• Serial Number coming up in the "Short Description" but not in the "Serial Number" field for the Firewall devices.

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  • From the Discovery Classification payload it can be observed that the "Serial Number" of the device is being returned.
     <sysName oid="" type="SnmpOctetString">BMWallet-mach1-fw1s</sysName>

     <sysDescr oid="" type="SnmpOctetString">SSG-550 version 6.3.0r21.0 (SN: JN11EA966ADB, Firewall+VPN)</sysDescr>

     <sysObjectID oid="" type="SnmpObjectId">.</sysObjectID>

  • On the CI, serial number can be observed in the "Short Description" field but not in the "Serial Number" field.
  • The below piece of code can be added in the script include "SnmpIdentityInfoParser" to capture the serial number from the short description.

     /** Bailing out physObjs is not returned from device. In some cases Serial Number is present in short description field itself**/

     if (!gs.nil(this.ciData) && !gs.nil(this.ciData.data) && !gs.nil(this.ciData.short_description)) {

     var short_descr = this.ciData.data.short_description;

     if (!gs.nil(short_descr) && short_descr.contains('SN:')) {

     var strings = short_descr.split('SN:');

     var serialNumber = strings[1].split(',')[0];

     this.addSerial('physical', serialNumber);



  • Save these changes on the script and execute a discovery, which should be good.

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