Pattern Debugger error:

Session timed out.

Release or Environment

All supported releases.


The pattern designer needs to collect all dependent data before a step can run. For example, pattern "Tomcat" and "Tomcat WAR" must be executed before running any step from a connection section for "Tomcat WAR" pattern. Some steps, or a collection of steps, can take longer to run than the default Pattern Debugger session max time out value. If that value is passed, the “Session timed out” error is thrown.

Note: Ecc queue records of topic PatternDebuggerProbe will be created when the pattern debugger is being used. Subtract the created timestamp, of the output record, from the processed timestamp, of the input record, to determine how long it took to collect the necessary dependent data.


Increase Max Time Out

Set following property to a value greater than it took the PatternDebuggerProbe to collect the necessary data:


Review MID Server Logs

Review the MID server logs to determine what step, or collection of steps, pushed the debug session to the max time out. Troublesome step could be temporarily disabled while debugging or working on a pattern.

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