At the time of storing a snapshot for the CDS it is possible to optionally provide the following information: 

  • a description: a free format text description. This text is visible in the CDS evolution page when the user hovers over the snapshot in history.
  • a tag: a single string to uniquely identify the snapshot. The TAG is displayed in the details of the snapshot

Snapshot Description

The optional description is for information purpose and is only accessible through the UI

Snapshot Tag

The optional tag is a way to uniquely identify/label the snapshot with for instance the release number or a changeID number. The main purpose of the snapshot tag is to uniquely identify the snapshot and is available in both the UI and the API. It can be used to retrieve in an easy way an "older" snapshot by referring to the snapshot tag. 

Note that the snapshot tag must be unique for the given CDS, and it must be a single word only (no spaces or special characters).

The snapshot tag information is also visible in the comparison view where the user can select the snapshot that was made for instance for version 1.2.5 and compare it with version 1.2.9. SWEAGLE will then automatically perform a diffCompare between those 2 snapshots and show all differences.


Setting the snapshot description and tag is possible through the API endpoints when uploading data (API - bulk upload) or when performing a createSnapshot (API - create snapshot).

Requesting the configData for the snapshot with a specific tag assigned can be done by adding &tag=releaseX.Y.Z to the API command. In that case, SWEAGLE will respond with the content of that specific snapshot (API - consume data through exporters).

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