Discovering inheritance identifies local CDIs across all "inheriting" child nodes that are the same, and turns those CDIs into inherited CDIs by adding the CDI to the parent node. This helps to turn local CDIs into inherited CDIs and simplify the management of the CDIs values along the tree structure. 

Please note that the discovery is only done across the direct child nodes which have the flag "linked to parent" set. This allows to exclude some of the child nodes from the inheritance discovery. So first use the "inherit" flag for each of the child nodes that should be included in the inheritance discovery, such that they are linked to the parent node. Child nodes who do not have the inheritance set will not be included in the discover inheritance from the parent.

The percentage match

SWEAGLE supports a 50%, 75% or 100 match while discovering CDI candidates to become inherited CDIs. The % match is calculated as the % of nodes where the CDI must be the same in order to be changed to an inherited CDI. The % is calculated based upon the nodes that are flagged to "inherit" from parent only. 

Update parent CDI

In case the CDI at child nodes is a local CDI with a value that differs from the CDI at the parent node, then applying "discover inheritance" will update the parent node CDI to the value that is commonly in use and turn the CDI back to inherited again. A typical use case is that originally the CDIs received the value from the parent node but over time all CDI values were changed to a local CDI by overwriting the value. 

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