Whenever you need to quickly enter a large amount of config data items from either an external properties file, or from a different node in your data model, SWEAGLE offers the option of a mass editor view. 

In order to access the mass editor view, navigate to the node in the data model and select the "mass data entry" view option. This turns the view from a grid table view into a text editor view. 

Note that in this view you cannot see or edit items which have the flag sensitive, or items which are multiLine config

Copy-paste a large amount of data items across nodes

from this view, you can now either copy the whole list of config data items (select + copy to clipboard), navigate to a different node, open the same "mass edit" view and paste the data items in the box. Update config data items as needed, change values, remove line items, or add additional ones. When done, click the "update data items" button, and the config data items are saved at the node. 

Add a large amount of data items to a node

Config data items coming from an external source in flat-file format can be copied into the mass editor and added to the node. Simply copy-paste the text into the editor, set the delimiter that separates the key names from their values, and select the "update data items". 

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Last Updated:2020-10-15 00:49:37