The Virtual Agent(VA) client has menu option to 1. Contact a Live agent, 2. Send email to support , 3. Call support as shown in the attached screenshot. This article details on how to setup support email address dynamically on VA client based on logged in users location.

Release or Environment

Orlando and beyond releases


The support email address on VA menu is picked up from the branding setting record.

1. Create a branding setting record with a different email address as per your business requirement.

2. Set "Service Portal Agent Chat Configuration" script with below logic,

var Variable_branding_picked;

// find the users location and decide on what branding to pickĀ 

For example logged user location is canada, set Variable_branding_picked with value of canda branding record

// then pass that branding to return statement of the script like below,
return {
branding_key: Variable_branding_picked

This will ensure that the support email address on VA client is set dynamically based on the user's location.

Note: The above script is a high-level algorithm, it is not a direct runnable script, you might need to develop the complete script based on this algorithm.

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