When checking CAPI Trail for the CreateNode action and the error_detail you note a stack trace referencing "AzureComputeVirtualMachine" on line 336 as well as references to the java class "SecureShellHelper".

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In ecc_agent_script_include AzureComputeVirtualMachine we try to set the loopback address for Linux VMs. We first ping the VM to see if it's available and then initiate a SSH session to do so. Occasionally though the VM can be reachable by ping but still unavailable on its ports. So we're unable to make a connection and set the loopback.

Because this fails, the entire Stack provisioning fails even though the VM is properly deployed.


A crude remediation is to add a sleep so that we wait until the VM is fully available.

- Navigate to AzureComputeVirtualMachine in ecc_agent_script_include

- Go to line 333

- Create a new line above (first line after start of else block) (before var hostNameLoopBackUpdateScript)

- Add following code:;

You can adjust the sleep as long or short as necessary

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Last Updated:2020-08-07 10:39:51