Business Requirement:

  • The requirement is to send the metric data using operational intelligence API and view the same using Insight explorer. This KA will help to achieve the same business requirement.



    • Active Plugins: Event Management, Operational Intelligence
    • Working Clotho Database
    • Rest API Tool.
    • Working Mid Server.


  • Configure Mid Web Server

    • Connect to the instance and Navigate to Mid Server >> Extensions >> Mid Web Server table
    • Create New Record and fill the details. make a note of the port and Authentication User Name and password.
    • Submit the record and Start the Web Server Record. It should look like below.

  • Configure the Operational Intelligence Metrics Context:

    • Connect to the instance and Navigate to Mid Server >> Extensions >> Operational Intelligence - open the table.
    • Create a new record, fill the required details. Make sure to select the "Enable Rest Listener" checkbox.
    • Submit the record - the final record should look like below.

  • Instance level Configuration:

    • Event Rule Configuration:
      Create an Event Rule for the metric source that will be used to bind the CI to the metric. - This is also a mandatory step.

  • Setting Up Rest API Tool:

    • Connect to the host which will be used to send the metric data.
    • Install Rest API Chrome Extension or Any other rest tool and set up the tool as per the below setting.

      Method - Post
      API Name - api/mid/sa/metrics
      Target URL : https://<Mid_IP_Address: Web Server Port>- Refer Configure Mid Web Server Section.
      Authorization: Mid Web Server User name and password. - Refer Configure Mid Web Server Section.
      Payload: The payload must start and end with "[" "]" brackets and the timestamp used in the payload must be an EPOCH time in milliseconds.

    • If you are trying to send data using any OOTB source value defined in the sa_metric_registration table, kindly enable the source first. By default, it is set to False. 
    • Below is the screenshot of the API tool.

    • Send the payload and check the response. If the response is 200 Ok which means the metric record is sent to the instance successfully.
  • Validating the result:

    • Open the "em_events" table and see if the event is generated as per the details sent in the payload.
    • Open the "sa_metric_map" table and see if the Metric to CI mapping is generated and validate if the configuration Item field is mapped to the valid CI.

  • Checking the metric details in Insight Explorer:

    • Once the metric is generated, Insight explorer will start displaying the same metric data.
    • Navigate to Operational Intelligence >> Insight Explorer.
    • Search for the CI under configuration item and it will display the details. Below is a sample screenshot.

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