It has been acknowledged in Orlando release from the following documentation, that there is an issue with secondary alerts intermittently creating incidents:


Under alert grouping functionality:

-> Avoiding creation of incidents for secondary alerts when an incident already exists for the primary alert and the alert management job runs before the alert grouping job is complete.


-> The alert management job runs even if the alert grouping job is not complete, if a specified time frame has passed. When this occurs, you can enable the Avoid INTs on secondary alerts rule to prevent incidents from being created for secondary alerts (when the evt_mgmt.avoid_int_enabled property is enabled), since an incident already exists for the primary alert.

- Having a filter on the alert management rule to filter out secondary alerts i.e. group (group_source) !=5
would not make a difference

Steps to Reproduce

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1. Create an Alert Management rule that is executed under the following conditions:

When an alert has an associated incident AND it’s changed to a secondary, a sub-flow will be executed.

2. Create a sub-flow to “re-parent” the secondary alert associated incident. The incident will be defined as a child-incident of the primary alert associated incident.

3. Sub-flow and action definition:

 a. Create a new action named Reparent 

  i. Action inputs

  ii. Update record step

 b. Create a new sub-flow named Reparent incident of secondary alert

  i. Sub-flow inputs

 a. Sub-flow step (1), retrieve incident record of primary alert:

 b. Sub-flow step (2), retrieve incident record of secondary alert:

 c. Sub-flow (3), trigger the Reparent actions with the following inputs:

4. The following enhancement can be considered:

 a. Add worknotes on the Alert and Incident record to audit the “reparenting” action

 b. Add a wait step before the execution of step 1. Due to potential delay in the incident creation of the primary alert, it’s recommended to add a 1 minute wait step to make sure there’s no race condition.

Related Problem: PRB1410813

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