This article explains how to configure SOAP Step in IntegrationHub.

In this example outbound SOAP call is made from one ServiceNow instance to another ServiceNow instance.

Release or Environment



Install the Integration Hub Plugin

Follow the documentation to install the plugin : Click Here

2. Create a Connection & Credential Aliases

go to "Connection & Credential Aliases"->new->fill the form.

3. Open the created 'Connection & Credential Aliases ' from the step above -> connection -> New  -> under credentials->create a Basic auth Credentials (or any other credentials type that your endpoint is configured with)

Refer below 2 screenshots :

4.Flow Designer -> Designer -> Actions -> New -> Action -> Give a Name and save

5.Click on '+' sign under Inputs ->Select Step to Add -> Integrations -> SOAP . Refer below screen :

6.Connection -> Use Connection Alias

7. Connection Alias -> select the one cerated from step 2 (refer image : SOAP_Step_Action)

8.Endpoint :  it will load from the connection record (

Check Screen Shot :

9. Under Request Details :

Build Envelope: From WSDL

Select WSDL: use the "Load New WSDL" option to load the WSDL operations. click on load new WSDL and enter the WSDL information. Once WSDL loaded list of operations available under "Operation". Check below screenshot:

Based on  'Operation' selection, 'SOAP Action', and 'SOAP Envelope' will populate.

10. If you want to pass the SOAP input variables, we need to use a data pill and map the input variables with 'SOAP Envelop'.

For instance, create a 2 input variable and pass it to SOAP Envelop. Refer below 2 screenshots:

-> Create Input Variables :

-> Use in SOAP Envelop:

With this, we are ready to create an incident in the target instance. Test the action from the top right, click on 'Test' and pass the input variables and click 'Run Test'.

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