Seen and used often in Time card and Time sheet is the field 'Week starts on'. OOB, the actual value of this field within the realm of Time Card Management is Sunday and this value can be configured in your Time Sheet Policy.

However, when filtering for 'Week starts on' in a reporting aspect such as on the Time Sheet Exception table, the reporting/filtering mechanism sees 'Week starts on' as a different value completely.


By default, weeks for calendar reports start on Monday

This means that even though your Time sheet policy is configured, and your business considers Sunday to be the first day of the week and when 'Week starts on' values are applied, any reporting with calendar-based fields will consider Monday to be the first day of the week.

  • The glide.ui.date_format.first_day_of_week system property specifies the first day of the week in calendar views.
  • The glide.ui.filter.first_day_of_week system property specifies the first day of the week used in the queries.

  • Start weeks on Monday: Set value to 2 (default)
  • Start weeks on Sunday: Set value to 1

*By default, the most previous Sunday, which would typically be considered the first day of the workweek, is actually considered as last week's last day of the week.

Below is an example using 07-26 (Sunday) before and after

Sunday (07-26)Monday (07-27)Tuesday (07-28)Wednesday (07-29)Thursday (07-30)Friday (07-31)Saturday (08-01)

(Above) Week starts on is considering 07-26 to be a part of Last week (system property value = 2, default value)

(Above) After updating both system properties to a value of 1, Week starts on for This week is using Sunday as the first day of the week, so 07-26 is included in 'report'/query results.


1. Navigate to System Properties (sys_properties.list)
2. Click NEW
3. Add the following details for System Property #1:
   Name: glide.ui.date_format.first_day_of_week
   Type: integer
   Value: 1
4. Submit

5. Create a NEW System Property
6. Add the following details for System Property #2.
   Name: glide.ui.filter.first_day_of_week
   Type: integer
   Value: 1
7. Submit

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