If the time defined in the property is less than glide.ui.session_timeout, the chat session does not get timed out.

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All supported releases


glide.ui.session_timeout will always have a higher precedence than

The property glide.ui.session_timeout checks if the user has an active session running.

In any situation, properties are triggered for users only if they have any active ongoing session.

Once the session times out happens, will not kick in because the property is dependent only on active sessions.

If there are no active sessions for a user, the property will not be triggered.

Let's consider the below scenario:

  1. (in secs) is set to 600 - which is 10 mins.
  2. glide.ui.session_timeout (in mins) is set to 5 (mins)

In the above case, the instance session will get terminated is no activity is done for 5 mins.

Therefore will not trigger.

Now if the user logs in back after another 30 mins, the chat will be still active.

Additional Information


1. Set the glide.ui.session_timeout & both to same time in seconds.
2. Reduce the (in secs) below the glide.ui.session_timeout (in mins) values.

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