When you try to run a topic on MS Team/Slack/Facebook/Messenger, the topic will not start.

You would get an error - I'm not ready for any requests yet (For MS Teams) or a similar error depending on the application you are using.

But when you try to run the same topic from the portal or using the $ URL, the topic works as expected.

Release or Environment

All supported versions


Open the VA topic and check for the condition defined.

Check if the condition defined is similar to the one mentioned below:

(function execute() {
if(!vaContext.portal) {
return false;
if(vaContext.portal == 'ITServices'){
return true;


Change the condition as below:

(function execute() {
if(vaContext.portal == 'ITServices' || vaContext.deviceType === 'teams'){
return true;

Additional Information

In the above script, the line -> (!vaContext.portal) means that the topic will not be visible in the current context is not portal.

Therefore it will not run on any other device as well.

You can also refer to the product documentation here - Control topic visibility in Virtual Agent messaging channels & knowledge article - Control visibility of Virtual Agent topics by messaging channel

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Last Updated:2020-07-29 11:19:26