There is a Catalog UI policy which should hide a variable based on the value of another variable. Instead the variable is getting displayed all the time on the item page.


  • Catalog UI policy that is responsible for hiding the variable has policy actions which are referencing the old variables which no longer exist as these variables were removed and later recreated with the exact same name. Even though their internal name remains the same their sys_ids will be different.
  • Since UI policy actions refer to the variable using their sys_id, which is still referencing the old variable's 'sys_id' and not the new variable's sys_id


  • Go to the corresponding Catalog UI policy
  • Delete the existing UI policy actions which are still referring to the old variables[before deleting check out their sys_id by opening the UI policy action in a separate tab]
  • Create new UI policy actions so that correct sys_id of the newly created variable is referenced

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Last Updated:2020-08-04 02:03:31