After importing the Cost Plan through Excel file using Import Cost Plan option, the cost plan breakdowns are not getting imported.

Release or Environment

New York


The transaction has aborted the operation due to the following error in the Node log,
worker.1 txid=76e20655db46 Background message, type:error, message: There are actuals recorded for one of the prior periods hence date cannot be changed

The error has caused due to the BR: Update Planned Task Estimated Cost, under line 1 and 5

Script Includes: PlannedTaskEntityUpdater at line 16


The error occurs when actuals/expenses have been recorded for prior periods i.e actual start date on the breakdown is BEFORE the Cost Plan's Fiscal Start Date.

If the start/end date of a cost plan is changed, then there could be a scenario where cost plan breakdowns with actuals which fall outside of the new end date will be deleted.

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Last Updated:2020-07-24 12:54:39