Setting the system property 'com.snc.investment_portal_include_all_tasks' to 'true' causes some column data not to load in the 'Investment Timeline' tab of the Investment Portal.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Navigate to sys_properties.list
2. Filter for: com.snc.investment_portal_include_all_tasks
3. Set to 'true'
4. Update

5. Create a new Console Column on 'Context: Investment Timeline view' from Project Administration > Settings > Planning Console
(Follow the following documentation, but for the above context...

6. After successfully creating the column on Investment Timeline view navigate to Investment Portal and load a board with project data
7. Select the Timeline view
8. Open the timeline column Configuration icon
9. Add custom created column
10. Refresh if necessary


Setting the system property 'com.snc.investment_portal_include_all_tasks' to 'false'.

Related Problem: PRB1387919

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Fixed In

Orlando Patch 7

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