The JBoss application running pattern Find can cause high CPU and stuck processes on the server being scanned.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Discover a Windows or Linux server running the JBoss application.
2. In the target server, monitor running process during the pattern execution.
Find processes will be using high CPU and may run for a long time.


Change the logic in the step where the Windows server is using the Find command:
Identification Section - http
Step Name:  Set version -Windows

- The new logic is:
Precondition => Meet criteria (ALL)
                        $computer_system.osFamily Equals "WINDOWS" AND
                        $jboss_home contains "Jboss"

- Replace the command with:
"dir /b /s  " + $jboss_home + " |  findstr  server.log | findstr /F /I JBOSS "
And regex with:

- Click on Save to save the changes.
- Once saved, click on Publish to publish the changes.
- Once published, sync the pattern with the MID Server.

Related Problem: PRB1410849

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Intended Fix Version


Fixed In

Orlando Patch 6
Paris Patch 1

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