Language translation issues for Date (Months) on few of the widgets on dashboards, while few others translate as expected. 

Also, enabling I18N Debug doesn't display translation prefix tag to the months on those affected widgets

Steps to Reproduce

Perform the following steps on NewYork instance


  1. PA premium and Finnish plugins to be installed and activated
  2. OOB indicator 'Number of new incidents' has collected enough data to test.

1. Create a Timeseries widget as follows:

  • Indicator: Number of new incidents
  • Type: Time Series
  • Visualization: Line Chart
  • Previous period chart: Checked
  • Time Series: Month to date SUM
  • Previous period settings --> Range of periods: Months
  • Previous period settings --> Number of periods: 10
  • Save

2. Create a Breakdown widget as follow:

  • Indicator: Number of new incidents
  • Type: Breakdown
  • Visualization: Stacked Column
  • Sort on: Value
  • Sort Direction: Descending
  • Breakdown: Priority
  • Period: 3m
  • Save

3. Create a dashboard - Add widgets created in Step1 and Step2 to it (Refer screenshot below)

4. Please change language from user preference settings (gear icon) from English to Finnish and reload the dashboard

Expected behavior: All months should be shown in Finnish language for both the widgets

Observed behavior: One widget translates to Finnish as expected while other remains in English (Refer screenshot below)


Issue is taken care in Orlando version, upgrading to it would resolve the issue

Additional Information

Related Problem: PRB1346839

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Last Updated:2020-09-11 01:13:26