The article highlights, how to configure Multi-Factor authentication. 

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Please follow the below steps to configure MFA. 

  • Filter Navigator --> system Defination --> Plugins. 
  • Look for Integration - Multifactor Authentication "id:com.snc.integration.multifactor.authentication" 

For more information in Plugins:

From the above steps, you have configured Multi-factor authentication for users. 

You can set up a Multi-factor authentication role-based as well, i.e the users with the role should have MFA enabled. 

Follow the below steps to do that. 

  • Filter navigator --> Multi-factor Authentication --> Milti-factor Criteria.
  • Open "Role-based multi-factor authentication" and check the roles which you require MFA to be enabled for. 
  • Once the role are verified place a tick mark against Active. 

  • With the above configurations, you have enabled MFA for the users with the Role selected under the multi-factor role on the Multi-factor criteria above.  

Please refer the below documents for more information:

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