• A business rule has been setup to sync additional comments from SC_TASK to RITM level
  • However, the Requested item notification does not trigger and get send as expected, when commenting on an SC_TASK
  • Commenting directly on the RITM triggers the notification as expected. 
  • Same behaviour is reproducible when there is a comment synchronisation between different records.


  • The notification is getting evaluated before the RITM gets updated . It usually happens due to the "Record Inserted or Updated" event.


  • Always create an event based notification when using business rules, so it will trigger the event and therefore the notification will generate the sys_email. record. It requires three steps:

  1. Create an event
  2. Create an email notification with appropriate details in the subject and body
    • Send to event Creator - checked
    • Sent on trigger of event and add event name that was created
    • Send to even param 1 and 2 - 
  3. On the Business Rule, trigger the event (using gs.eventQueue('event name'), current, event param1, event param2)
  4. Always test on dev before applying any change on production. For event driven notifications, there are examples in the community such as the next link:

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Last Updated:2020-07-13 00:19:07