When additional CMDB Class tables are added as part of the installation of the CMDB CI Class Models [sn_cmdb_ci_class] or Discovery and Service Mapping Patterns [sn_itom_pattern] applications, some of the tables can be unusable. These apps are also automatically upgraded during an instance upgrade, and these upgrades adding additional tables has also caused the problem.

When a table is created wrongly, an additional SQL table is created, and storage alias entries mapped to that table, as if it were a Table-Per-Class extended table hierarchy, when the CMDB is in fact Table-Per-Partition hierarchy.

You can confirm if this affects you by checking the sys_storage_alias table in the instance. All the tables within cmdb_ci that are added by these apps have "Table" names starting "cmdb_ci_..", and the "Storage table name" should be cmdb, or cmdb$par1, cmdb$par2 etc. only. The "Storage table name" should not be the same as the "Table" name in a TPP CMDB.


When opening a CI form or list view, you may see one or more red errors along the top of the form like this (but probably a different field/column and conn number):

Syntax Error or Access Rule Violation detected by database ((conn=23113) Unknown column 'cmdb0.duplicate_of' in 'where clause') 

It is necessary to look in the app node localhost logs for the full error.

Records may fail to be inserted into the affected table during Discovery, and that can be confirmed by attempting to insert a record from a form. Inserts by Discovery into these tables, are most likely being done by Patterns, via the IRE, and so the Discovery log may show something like:

Failed Exploring CI Pattern, Pattern name: <some pattern name>, To Check Pattern Log... 

And looking in that Pattern log, you may see the errors from the pattern point of view, possibly for failure to Insert the application CI.

Identification CI Errors:
Insertion failed with error Error during insert of cmdb_ci_...

The detailed IRE and database error logs in the App node localhost log will show more detail, in this case due to duplicate values. This error has also been seen on forms.

FAILED TRYING TO EXECUTE ON CONNECTION ... Duplicate entry '<some value>' for key '<column name>' 

Alternatively, a Discovery Sensor (for probes or patterns) may fail at a particular line of code, leaving the error in the ecc_queue input Error field and discovery log. The error may not actually state the error. e.g.

Sensor error when processing Horizontal Pattern: 

----------------------------- (sys_script_include.778011130a0a0b2500c4595ad1d1d768.script; line 53)

CMDB Dashboard Health jobs may also display no data, and show errors in the localhost log like the following:

SEVERE *** ERROR *** FAILED TRYING TO EXECUTE ON CONNECTION glide.3 (connpid=366537): SELECT cmdb0.`attested_date`, cmdb0.`operational_status`, cmdb...
Syntax Error or Access Rule Violation detected by database ((conn=366537) Unknown column 'cmdb0.attested_date' in 'field list')

com.glide.db.GlideSQLException: FAILED TRYING TO EXECUTE ON CONNECTION glide.3 (connpid=366537): SELECT cmdb0.`attested_date`, cmdb0.`operational_status`, ...
FROM (cmdb cmdb0 INNER JOIN cmdb$par1 cmdb_par10 ON cmdb0.`sys_id` = cmdb_par10.`sys_id` )
WHERE cmdb0.`sys_class_name_1` = 'cmdb_ci_db_ora_pdb_instance' AND c...
Syntax Error or Access Rule Violation detected by database ((conn=366537) Unknown column 'cmdb0.attested_date' in 'field list')

at com.glide.db.DBIError.wrapAndThrow(
at com.glide.db.DBIError.handleException(
at com.glide.db.DBI.executeStatement(

Potentially affected tables:

CMDB CI Class Models [sn_cmdb_ci_class] adds these tables (as of v1.13.0):

LabelNameExtends table
Aircraftcmdb_ci_aircraftTransport Type
AVI Controllercmdb_ci_avi_controllerVirtual Machine Object
AVI Controller Clustercmdb_ci_avi_controller_clusterVirtual Machine Object
AVI Service Enginecmdb_ci_avi_service_engineVirtual Machine Object
Unique Certificatecmdb_ci_certificateConfiguration Item
OpenStack Domaincmdb_ci_cloud_openstack_domainVirtual Machine Object
OpenStack Endpointcmdb_ci_cloud_openstack_endpointVirtual Machine Object
OpenStack Servicecmdb_ci_cloud_openstack_serviceVirtual Machine Object
Converged Infrastructurecmdb_ci_converged_infraHardware
Custom Applicationcmdb_ci_custom_applicationConfiguration Item
Display Devicecmdb_ci_displayIoT Device
Dronecmdb_ci_droneIoT Device
Firewall Clustercmdb_ci_firewall_clusterCluster
Fortinet Firewall Clustercmdb_ci_firewall_cluster_fortinetFirewall Cluster
Juniper Firewall Clustercmdb_ci_firewall_cluster_juniperFirewall Cluster
Firewall Devicecmdb_ci_firewall_deviceIP Firewall
Fortinet Firewall Devicecmdb_ci_firewall_device_fortinetFirewall Device
Firewall Device Groupcmdb_ci_firewall_device_groupConfiguration Item
Juniper Firewall Devicecmdb_ci_firewall_device_juniperFirewall Device
Palto Alto Firewall Devicecmdb_ci_firewall_device_palo_altoFirewall Device
Firewall Managercmdb_ci_firewall_managerConfiguration Item
Panorama Firewall Managercmdb_ci_firewall_manager_panoramaFirewall Manager
Firewall Security Policycmdb_ci_firewall_sec_policyConfiguration Item
Panorama Firewall Security Policycmdb_ci_firewall_sec_policy_panoramaFirewall Security Policy
Game Consolecmdb_ci_game_consoleMultimedia Device
IBM HMC Servercmdb_ci_hmc_serverServer
Human Machine Interfacecmdb_ci_hmiManufacturing Device
IBM Framecmdb_ci_ibm_frameServer
Imaging Devicecmdb_ci_imagingIoT Device
IoT Devicecmdb_ci_iotHardware
IoT Gatewaycmdb_ci_iot_gatewayConverged Infrastructure
IP Cameracmdb_ci_ip_cameraImaging Device
Kubernetes Clustercmdb_ci_kubernetes_clusterKubernetes Component
Kubernetes Componentcmdb_ci_kubernetes_componentConfiguration Item
Kubernetes Namespacecmdb_ci_kubernetes_namespaceKubernetes Component
Kubernetes Nodecmdb_ci_kubernetes_nodeKubernetes Component
Kubernetes Podcmdb_ci_kubernetes_podKubernetes Component
Kubernetes Servicecmdb_ci_kubernetes_serviceKubernetes Component
Kubernetes Volumecmdb_ci_kubernetes_volumeKubernetes Component
IBM LPAR Instancecmdb_ci_lpar_instanceVirtual Machine Instance
LPAR Resourcecmdb_ci_lpar_resourceConfiguration Item
Custom Application Configuration Itemcmdb_ci_m2m_custom_application_ci
Manufacturing Devicecmdb_ci_manufacturingIoT Device
Media Playercmdb_ci_media_playerMultimedia Device
Medical Devicecmdb_ci_medicalIoT Device
Medical Diagnostic Devicecmdb_ci_med_diagnosticMedical Device
Medical Measuring Devicecmdb_ci_med_measuringMedical Device
Medical Monitoring Devicecmdb_ci_med_monitoringMedical Device
Medical Support Devicecmdb_ci_med_supportMedical Device
Medical Therapeutic Devicecmdb_ci_med_theraputicMedical Device
Display Monitor Controlcmdb_ci_monitor_controlMultimedia Device
Multimedia Devicecmdb_ci_multimediaIoT Device
NSX Load Balancercmdb_ci_nsx_lbLoad Balancer
Nutanix Clustercmdb_ci_nutanix_clusterVirtual Machine Object
Nutanix Controller VMcmdb_ci_nutanix_controller_vmApplication
Nutanix Hostcmdb_ci_nutanix_hostVirtualization Server
Nutanix Prism Centralcmdb_ci_nutanix_prism_centralVirtual Machine Object
Nutanix Storage Containercmdb_ci_nutanix_storage_containerStorage Volume
Nutanix Storage Poolcmdb_ci_nutanix_storage_poolStorage Pool
Nutanix Virtual Machine Instancecmdb_ci_nutanix_vm_instanceVirtual Machine Instance
Payment Devicecmdb_ci_paymentIoT Device
Process Logic Controllercmdb_ci_plcManufacturing Device
Point of Sale Devicecmdb_ci_posPayment Device
IBM HMC Processor poolcmdb_ci_processor_poolVirtual Machine Object
RHV Clustercmdb_ci_rhv_clusterRHV Object
RHV LDCcmdb_ci_rhv_ldcLogical Datacenter
RHV Managercmdb_ci_rhv_managerApplication
RHV Objectcmdb_ci_rhv_objectVirtual Machine Object
RHV Servercmdb_ci_rhv_serverVirtualization Server
RHV Virtual Machine Instancecmdb_ci_rhv_vm_instanceVirtual Machine Instance
Single Board Computingcmdb_ci_sbcIoT Device
Security Devicecmdb_ci_securityIoT Device
Shipcmdb_ci_shipTransport Type
Smart Televisioncmdb_ci_stvDisplay Device
Traincmdb_ci_trainTransport Type
Transport Typecmdb_ci_transportConfiguration Item
Vehiclecmdb_ci_vehicleTransport Type
Wearable Technologycmdb_ci_wearableIoT Device

Discovery and Service Mapping Patterns [sn_itom_pattern] adds these (as of v1.0.66):

LabelNameExtends table
APIGee EP to get targets host by source urlcmdb_ci_apigee_endpointEndpoint
Application Server Resourcecmdb_ci_application_server_resourceApplication
APIGee Servicecmdb_ci_appl_apigee_srvApplication
Jboss Fusecmdb_ci_appl_jboss_fuseApplication
Oracle Golden Gatecmdb_ci_appl_oracle_golden_gateApplication
Oracle Golden Gate Extract Processcmdb_ci_appl_ora_gg_extractApplication
Oracle Golden Gate Replicat Processcmdb_ci_appl_ora_gg_replicatApplication
AWS S3 Endpointcmdb_ci_aws_s3_endpointEndpoint
Coldfusion Applicationcmdb_ci_cf_applicationApplication Server Resource
Cloud Authenticationcmdb_ci_cloud_authenticationApplication
AWS Cloud ECS Clustercmdb_ci_cloud_ecs_clusterVirtual Machine Object
AWS Cloud ECS Servicecmdb_ci_cloud_ecs_serviceVirtual Machine Object
AWS Cloud ECS Taskcmdb_ci_cloud_ecs_taskVirtual Machine Object
AWS Cloud ECS TaskDefinitioncmdb_ci_cloud_ecs_task_definitionVirtual Machine Object
Cloud Functioncmdb_ci_cloud_functionApplication
Cloud Gatewaycmdb_ci_cloud_gatewayApplication
Cloud Key Paircmdb_ci_cloud_key_pairConfiguration Item
Cloud Location Groupcmdb_ci_cloud_location_groupVirtual Machine Object
Cloud Object Storagecmdb_ci_cloud_object_storageApplication
IBM Cloud Organizationscmdb_ci_cloud_orgConfiguration Item
Cloud Service Accountcmdb_ci_cloud_service_accountVirtual Machine Object
IBM Cloud Spacecmdb_ci_cloud_spaceConfiguration Item
Cluster Resource Groupcmdb_ci_cluster_resource_groupConfiguration Item
Coldfusion App Inclusioncmdb_ci_coldfusion_app_inclusionInclusion Endpoint
Coldfusion Servercmdb_ci_coldfusion_serverApplication Server
Security Group Rulecmdb_ci_compute_security_group_ruleVirtual Machine Object
Hardware Typecmdb_ci_compute_templateVirtual Machine Object
Informix Catalogcmdb_ci_db_informix_catalogDatabase Instance
Informix Catalog Inclusioncmdb_ci_db_informix_catalog_inclusionInclusion Endpoint
Informix Instancecmdb_ci_db_informix_instanceDatabase Instance
DB Instance Sizecmdb_ci_db_instance_sizeDatabase Instance
Oracle PDB Instancecmdb_ci_db_ora_pdb_instanceDatabase Instance
Cloud Disk Typecmdb_ci_disk_typeVirtual Machine Object
Docker Containercmdb_ci_docker_containerOperating-system-level Virtualization Container
DynamoDB Global Tablecmdb_ci_dynamodb_global_tableDatabase Instance
DynamoDB Tablecmdb_ci_dynamodb_tableDatabase Instance
AWS Resource Name Endpointcmdb_ci_endpoint_arnEndpoint
Informix Server Endpointcmdb_ci_endpoint_informix_serverEndpoint
Google Datacentercmdb_ci_google_datacenterLogical Datacenter
IBM Datacentercmdb_ci_ibm_datacenterLogical Datacenter
Instance templatecmdb_ci_instance_templateVirtual Machine Object
Cloud Load Balancer Health Servicecmdb_ci_lb_health_serviceVirtual Machine Object
Load Balancer Servicecmdb_ci_lb_serviceConfiguration Item
Network ACL Rulecmdb_ci_network_acl_ruleVirtual Machine Object
OpenShift Build Configcmdb_ci_openshift_build_confKubernetes Component
OpenShift Deployed Configcmdb_ci_openshift_dep_confKubernetes Component
OpenShift Docker Image Repositorycmdb_ci_openshift_docker_images_repositoryKubernetes Component
OpenShift Groupcmdb_ci_openshift_groupKubernetes Component
OpenShift Imagecmdb_ci_openshift_imagesKubernetes Component
OpenShift Image Streamcmdb_ci_openshift_images_streamKubernetes Component
OpenShift Projectcmdb_ci_openshift_projectKubernetes Component
OpenShift Routecmdb_ci_openshift_routeKubernetes Component
OpenShift Source2Imagecmdb_ci_openshift_source_2_imageKubernetes Component
OpenShift Usercmdb_ci_openshift_userKubernetes Component
CloudFoundry Applicationcmdb_ci_pcf_applCloudFoundry Component
CloudFoundry Componentcmdb_ci_pcf_componentConfiguration Item
CloudFoundry Domaincmdb_ci_pcf_domainCloudFoundry Component
CloudFoundry Clustercmdb_ci_pcf_foundationCloudFoundry Component
CloudFoundry Organizationcmdb_ci_pcf_organizationCloudFoundry Component
CloudFoundry Quotacmdb_ci_pcf_quotaCloudFoundry Component
CloudFoundry Routecmdb_ci_pcf_routeCloudFoundry Component
Cloud Foundry Servicecmdb_ci_pcf_serviceCloudFoundry Component
Cloud Foundry Service Plancmdb_ci_pcf_service_planCloudFoundry Component
CloudFoundry Spacecmdb_ci_pcf_spaceCloudFoundry Component
CloudFoundry Space Service Instancecmdb_ci_pcf_space_instanceCloudFoundry Component
Resource Groupcmdb_ci_resource_groupVirtual Machine Object
SAP Systemcmdb_ci_sap_sidApplication
Pure Storage File Sharecmdb_ci_storage_fileshare_pureStorage File Share
Pure Storage Processorcmdb_ci_storage_processor_pureConfiguration Item
Virtual Machine Instancecmdb_ci_vm_instanceVirtual Machine Object

Steps to Reproduce

This hasn't so far been reproduced in controlled conditions.

Where this has happened, 1 or more tables are affected, but not the same tables in each case.


This problem is currently under review and has no workaround. To receive notifications when more information will become available, subscribe to this Known Error article by clicking the Subscribe button at the top right of this form. If you are able to upgrade, review the Fixed In or Intended Fix Version fields to determine whether any versions have a planned or permanent fix.

Each case has been different, and required a fix designed specifically for the tables affected and the instance configuration, and so no generic fix script is available. Please contact Tech Support as soon as you have identified this issue, as help will be needed for a low-level fix.

Related Problem: PRB1406482

Seen In

SR - IRM - Audit Management - New York 2019 Q3
SR - IRM - GRC Profiles - Madrid 2019 Q2
SR - IRM - NIST CSF - New York 2019 Q3
SR - IRM - Policy and Compliance - Madrid 2019 Q2
SR - IRM - Risk Management - New York 2019 Q3
SR - ITBM - Agile 2.0 Dashboards v1.0
SR - ITBM - Scrum Dashboards Common v1.0
SR - ITOM - CMDB CI Class Models - 201909
SR - ITOM - Discovery and Service Mapping - 201908
SR - Security - Integration Framework - Madrid 2019 Q2
SR - Security - Support Common - Madrid 2019 Q2
SR - Security - Support Orchestration - Madrid 2019 Q2
SR - SIR - Security Incident Response - Madrid 2019 Q2
SR - SIR - Store SecOps Setup Assistant - Madrid 2019 Q2
SR - SIR - Store Threat Core - Madrid 2019 Q2
SR - SIR - Store Trusted Security Circles Client - New York 2019 Q3
SR - VR - Vulnerability Response - New York 2019 Q3
SR - VR - Vulnerability Response PA Content - Madrid 2019 Q2

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