If a default filter has been set on a related list on a record, e.g. incident, it should load on any other records opened from the same table.  However you may see this is not all the case.

For example, if you have set a default filter on a related list in one incident record but if you open another incident record, the default filter does not load for the same related list.

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This is due to no records for the related list in the sys_ui_related_list_entry table.


To resolve the issue, removed and re-added the any of the related list on the table/form where the issue is occurring via Configure > Related Lists.

Once done, go to the desired related list and configure the filter then click on "Set as Default Filter".

For example, on an incident form, right-click and choose Configure > Related Lists then remove any related list then save.  Re-add the same related list you removed previously and save the changes.

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Create a default filter for a related list

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