• While working on Alert Management, it is observed that there are lot empty alerts generated on em_alert table. 
  • There is no information available and no event is also associated with the alert.

Steps to Reproduce

This issue is happening on run time basis and there are no exact steps to manually reproduce it, however below steps can be followed to validate the issue.


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  • We investigated this issue and after further troubleshooting, It is found that the Empty alerts are being generated since child alerts are trying to access parent records which are already removed/cleared from the parent field.
  • When "Add work note on alert Close/Reopen" BR is triggered, it couldn't fetch the parent Alert record thus update call on parent lead to empty alert generated. Parent was added back shortly after which made it looks like parent exist.
  • In order to fix this issue, kindly apply below workaround. The workaround is to modify the "Add work note on alert Close/Reopen" BR and change the following:
- Line 5 FROM:
var parent = current.parent.getRefRecord();
- To:
var parentid = current.parent + "";
var parent = new GlideRecord("em_alert");

Related Problem: PRB1395443

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