OOB, a Story's position may be changed within a Sprint (or from one Sprint to a different Sprint) via Drag and Drop. To do this, navigate to Agile Board > Sprint Planning, expand a Sprint if it isn't already and drag and drop any Story row and move it.

When performing this action, you may see a red annotation warning readout: Could not move the record. Contact your administrator for more details

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The 'Could not move the record. Contact your administrator for more details' error is Ranking error that comes from the java layer. This "Rank Error" message indicates a failure in calculating the rank of a story. Each story record has a Global rank, and that Global rank updates when a Story is moved. (All other stories will have their Global rank update afterward)

One reason this error will display is if Stories do NOT have a Global rank. This could be caused by the Global rank field being deleted or deactivated or by any customization that adversely effects Global Rank.

If you check Stories in the table list view (rm_story.list), add the 'Global rank' column to the list view. This will give a clear indicator of Global rank


  1. Navigate to sys_dictionary.list 
  2. Filter for Column Name = global_rank
  3. Ensure that Active=true

*Additionally, if any customizations are updating or causing the alteration of Global rank, it is recommended to revert those changes to OOB.

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