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  • Steps for creating Catalog Item using Terraform resource definition here below

    1. Create Terraform (TF) resource definition for provisioning Azure resources (VM, Disks, etc.)

      2. As part of resource definition, specify AzureRM provider version as latest 2.x version or skip specifying version (Version derived from Terraform binary)

      3. Create Terraform Server with Terraform binary (0.11.14 or higher, 0.12.x)

      4. Add/Import TF definitions created in Step 1 in Terraform Server

      5. Go to CMPv2 -> Admin Portal -> Manage -> Config Management -> Config Providers -> Create Terraform Environment 'AzureTF'. Choose Server created in Step 3

      6. Run 'Discover Now' on 'AzureTF' Config Provider. Validate if TF definitions specified in Step 1-4 are available

      7. Go to CMPv2 -> Admin Portal -> Design -> Cloud Catalog Items -> Create New Catalog Item using TF resources discovered in Step 5

      8. Go to 'Cloud Templates' related list in Catalog Item created in Step 6 and Import TF Script

      9. TF resource variables are not imported/parsed from actual TF resource definition.

  • Import the attached Update set on to the instance and it should fix the issue.

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