In Orlando, a new ACL was introduced for time_card.* WRITE. This ACL limits or allows users to write to ALL fields on the time_card table, based on a script condition that checks the TimeCardUtil script include. In the New York version, there is a singular WRITE ACL on the time_card table. The new ACL in Orlando basically takes the script from the New York table ACL and applies that script to all fields.

Below are the ACLS existing for WRITE on time_card (for table/field level)

New York
>> time_card | Write (table)
-- Role Conditions: timecard_user
-- Script: TimeCardUtil.canEdit(current)

>> time_card | Write (table)
-- Role Conditions: timecard_user

>> time_card.* | Write (field level)
-- Role Conditions: snc_internal
-- Script: TimeCardUtil.canEdit(current)

Release or Environment



If any modifications were made to the TimeCardUtil Script Include, specifically the OOB function 'canEdit', this will affect Users who are being evaluated for the time_card.* WRITE ACL as it checks TimeCardUtil.canEdit(current)If the canEdit function is removed, then NO only admins would have the ability to edit time_card fields.

TimeCardUtil.canEdit(current) checks for:

a) User is a timecard_admin
b) User who accesses their own time card (or they are the manager of that user)
c) User is Admin


  1. Inspect your TimeCardUtil Script Include and ensure it is OOB (or at least that the TimeCardUtil.canEdit function is NOT modified)
  2. Ensure that time_card (WRITE) ACL and your time_card.* (WRITE) ACL is OOB

*Naturally, we advise that Script Includes remain OOB, especially those that influence or evaluate for system ACLs

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