• GRC user's Attestation response entity is different than entity name on the control record.

Release or Environment

  • New York Patch 5.


  • The message 'Entity: <Entity name>' that comes at the top of the attestation ui page is a string value that is computed when the assessment is created. In fact each assessment will have assessment instance questions and on each question there is a field called 'metric_type_group'. This attribute is populated a string data type and its value is populated as

    Entity: <Entity name>
  • During the first assessment creation for that entity and the attestation,

    Name of the entity xxxxx must have been yyyyy sometime back when the first assessment was created. However after that the entity name must have changed. But the assessments will refer to the same metric_type_group created earlier.


  • - On the assessment instance having the issue of wrong entity name coming in the assessment ui page, in the Assessment instance question related list personalize the list columns and add 'Metric Type Group'.
  • Click on the Metric Type Group reference in the related list records and change the name field.

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Last Updated:2020-06-30 04:34:03