Incorrect assigned war settings can cause upgrade failures. The check upgrade script fails with the below error if the system property "glide.war.assigned" is set to an incorrect value or it has any junk character. 

SEVERE *** ERROR *** Upgrade: The desired war does not match the distribution build, desired war (without suffix): <incorrect value>, distribution build: <downloaded file version>. Upgrade will not run

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Incorrect system property "glide.war.assigned" value


Update the system property "glide.war.assigned" correctly. The value should be the name of the newly downloaded zip file. Make sure to add the .zip extension as well. Any incorrect value can cause Check Upgrade Script failure with the error mention in the description. It leaves the node version and DB version in an incorrect state.


If the downloaded zip file is : glide-orlando-12-11-2019__patch3-04-22-2020_05-05-2020_1854.zip

Then glide.war.assigned should be set to "glide-orlando-12-11-2019__patch3-04-22-2020_05-05-2020_1854.zip

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