From ServiceNow to Jira only "Story" and "Epic" exporting but not Incidents/Defects/Catalog Task etc not sync(not exporting) to JIRA

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For export from ServiceNow to Jira to work, Business Rule(BR) is required which will trigger the flow. The flow then makes the rest api call to export the work item to jira.

Out of box Business Rules are written for Story and Epic table ("Synch Story with Jira" and "Synch Epic with Jira" respectively).
For any other work items we need to write BR manually.

For instance, if we want to Sync incidents, we need to create Business Rule for Incident table (Name like "Synch Incidents with Jira").This new BR is same as existing BR "Synch Story with Jira".

Please refer existing BRs ("Synch Story with Jira"/"Synch Epic with Jira") to create new one if you have to export work items other than Story and Epic.

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Last Updated:2020-06-28 22:37:07