When creating a Resource Report via Resource > Resource Reports > Resource Reports, an 'Export' UI Action is seen in the Top right of the iFrame. Based on a specific Report Type that is run, this Export action allows an Export of the current report to either JPG or PNG.

When selecting Report Type 'Allocation Details', the Export action is greyed out and not selectable.

(Above) Export working while using Report type: Availability

(Above) Export not working while using Report type: Allocation Details

Release or Environment



This is the expected behavior. Only certain Report Types are exportable to JPG/PNG.

Exportable Resource Report types:

  • Availability
  • Forecasted Utilization
  • Committed Utilization
  • Allocation

Resource Report types that cannot be exported:

  • Allocation Details

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Last Updated:2020-06-26 09:55:01
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