The SAMP Usage job is designed much differently than a standard import, the test load from the Data Source record would not produce the same results.

The integration will not change the state or list a target record when viewed from the Import Set.

Additionally, each time it runs, the sql_statement in the Data Source record will be reset to the below query:
SELECT 1 from v_MonthlyUsageSummary where 1=0

This is only a placeholder however. The actual query used against the SCCM servers and the incorporation of usage data is actioned through the SAMPUsageUtil Script Include, but only when executed by the system scheduler.
The actual query that would be used is as below:
SELECT TimeKey, TSUsageCount, UsageCount, UsageTime, LastUsage, ResourceID, MU.FullName as UserName, PFI.FileName FROM v_MonthlyUsageSummary MUS LEFT JOIN v_ProductFileInfo PFI on MUS.FileID = PFI.FileID LEFT JOIN v_MeteredUser MU on MUS.MeteredUserID = MU.MeteredUserID WHERE FileName IN (...

Additional Information

The query is constructed through the below Script Include:

The SAMPUsageUtil is triggered by a pre-script included within SAMP Usage Import scheduled data import:

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