How to compare results through reports without using Performance Analytics ? 

We understand that PA provides real-time status updates, summarises of past information and provides trending information for processes so that action can be taken as soon as performance degradation is detected. Performance Analytics and Reporting are 2 different applications and PA is not a replacement of reporting. Both of them have their own functionalities.

We strongly recommend you to switch over to PA if you want to compare the results or see the trend. You have lot many capabilities and options in PA. However, if PA is not activated on your instance, this article will show you how you can compare the results using the reports. Note that reporting has limited features when it comes to comparison.

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1. Create a Report of type Bar with the filter conditions, for ex: Closed on This month

2. Click on Add Dataset and create a new data set on the same table with condition for ex: Closed on Last month

3. Save the Dataset.

4. Run the report.

The report will look like below:

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Performance Analytics vs. Reporting  video:

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