E-signature is not working for Reject button on the Approval record on the NOW mobile app.

Upon entering of password, it throws the error message "E-signature is required!".

Note: E-signature is currently not supported for the new mobile app (Agent, Now Mobile, Onboarding)

Steps to Reproduce

1. Hop to New York instance
2. Install the 'Approvals with e-signature' plugin
3. Make sure that the 'sc_req_item' table is added in the 'e_signature_registry' table and it is enabled (is set to true)
4. Navigate to 'sys_sg_button.LIST" table and open the below three records with the name:
-> Approve RITM with comment
->Approve RITM without comment
-> Reject RITM with comment
5. Change the 'Preconditions' field on the above three records from 'None' to 'Credentials'
6. Now login to NOW mobile app as 'Admin'
7. On the platform go to 'Requested items' table and open any record that is in 'Waiting for Approval' stage
8. Click on the 'Approvals' related list > Edit> Add 'Admin' to the Approvers list> Save (this will add a record under Approvals related list)
9. Now under the Approvers related list> Personalize the list> Add 'Source Table' field
10. Add the 'sc_req_item' in the Source table on the approval record created in step 8
11. Open the Approval record created in step 8 and change the state to 'Requested'.
12. On NOW mobile App > Click on Home> My Taks> Open the Approval record created in step 8 (or) You can click on the notification that got triggered when we change the Approval record state to 'Requested'
13. Click on the 'Reject' button
14. It will ask you to type the password. Type the password you used to login to the mobile app.
Note that once you type in the password and press enter, the message "E-signature is required!" is displayed
15. Click on 'Approve'
The record is approved and the state on the approval record changes to Approved

After entering the E-signature password the Approval record is not getting rejected and a message "E-signature is required!" is displayed

Once the user enters the E-signature credential, the approval record should be rejected.


The issue is with the BR: "Process e-sig approval on mobile" (sys_script_1e3f77613733300054b6a3549dbe5d39) which was implemented for Classic App.

To resolve the error message, Disable the Business Rule "Process e-sig approval on mobile"

Related Problem: PRB1405590

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