Issue Description:
Fields created on the child table cannot be accessed or save if the record is opened on the parent table form on Agent Workspace.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Add Parent to the Incident Workspace View Form Layout.
2. Create an HTM field Text HTML on the incident table
3. Add it to the Workspace View Form Layout as well.
4. Set Incident B to the Parent of Incident A.
5. Go to Agent Workspace.
6. Click to open Incident A from the List.
7. Click to open Incident B from Incident A Parent.
Incident B is opened via task form
8. Click to search Caller on Incident B.
9. Change Test HTML and save on Incident B.

Expected Behavior:
Step 8: Users should be available in the Caller List
Step 9: The value of Test HTML should be saved.

Actual Behavior
Step 8: No users are available in the Caller List.
Step 9: Cannot save the value of Test HTML.


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Related Problem: PRB1411911

Seen In

Orlando Patch 4

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