This issue is explained as follows:

- A Docusign Integration Profile has been created (samp_sw_subscription_profile):

- Under related links, we find the software mode created by an internal user (cmdb_software_product_model):

- However, if we go so Saas License -> Software Models, we find two entries instead (add the created by field):


- The entitlement the customer created is linked to the Software Model created by system (cmdb_software_product_model):

- This entitlement was originally linked up via PPN but for some reason, it's not connected to the software model (alm_license):


Below are the actions suggested to fix this problem:

1. Remove all docusign software models and software entitlement
2. Execute docusign integration profile scheduled job
3. Observe new software model created by system for docusign
4. Create new software entitlement from such software model and give the same settings as prod instance
5. Experiment to execute scheduled job again and confirm that no more duplicate software models gets created

Also, inside software entitlement, if you choose envelops for license metric, you will be able to access Envelop Consumption inside software model; and if you choose user subscription for license metric, you will be able to access User Summary inside software model.

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Last Updated:2020-06-23 01:21:46