When we go to Agent App and click on 'Try with a demo account', select 'Field Service Agent', and click on Launch Demo, we can see that there are options for 'Launch Connect' and 'Launch Virtual Agent'. This article explains how to configure similarly same in an instance


Connect Chat does not come out of box with Native mobile apps (ie. Agent, NOW, and on-boarding) as it does in the Classic App (web view). However, Connect Chat is supported in all native apps by using a Browser Screen. 

Follow the below steps to configure :

1. Go to  "sys_sg_browser_screen" table and create a new browser screen with its URL set as "/$", which will launch the Connect Chat. Alternatively, in Studio, open the application, go to Applets, and add a new URL Applet with URL as "/$". This is just a more user friendly name for Browser Screen in Studio.

2.After creating the Browser Screen (URL Applet), add it to an applet launcher

You should be able to see it in your native mobile app. 

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Last Updated:2020-06-25 19:38:04