When running reconciliation, certain software install records do not seem to be counted against reconciliation, even though there are no filters that would filter out these installations


The "Normalized Product" (norm_product) and "Normalized Publisher" (norm_publisher) fields on the software installs are empty although the norm_publisher and norm_product on discovery model associated with those installs are set correctly.


The script below can be used to fix the install records: 
var rec = new GlideRecord("cmdb_sam_sw_install");
rec.addQuery("software_model", "<sys_id of the model record associated with the installs>");
rec.setValue("norm_product", "<sys_id of the normalized product>");
rec.setValue("norm_publisher", "<sys_id of the normalized publisher>");
rec.setValue("normalized_version", "14.0.7015.1000"); //replace example with string value for normalized version
rec.setValue("normalized_publisher", "Microsoft"); //replace example with string value for normalized publisher
rec.setValue("normalized_display_name", "Microsoft Visio Standard 2010"); //replace example with string value for normalized display name
rec.setValue("is_normalized", true);

*note* Please run this script first on a sub-production instance and if there are any questions, reach out to Technical Support for further assistance

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Last Updated:2020-06-17 12:23:40