Reviewed and maintained resource page for most common, high-impacting Performance issues on ServiceNow instances.

Performance Troubleshooting

  • KB0517282: Troubleshooting case where all users experience performance issues on all applications
  • KB0755182: Steps to determine the cause of a cache flush
  • KB0656152: Troubleshooting instance response times | homepages
  • KB0584420: Troubleshooting guide: using the transaction logs
  • KB0516495: Performance troubleshooting guide
  • KB0517241: Troubleshooting slow performance
  • KB0517274: Identifying abnormal JVM memory utilization
  • KB0517277: Identifying high transaction concurrency
  • KB0662260: Where to look when an instance experiences performance issues
  • KB0635449: Resolving slowness / latency when populating connect chat windows (/$
  • KB0635134: Resolving "exhausted default semaphores" errors caused by Service Portal widgets having poorly defined record watcher (recordWatch) calls
  • KB0755068: Very slow response time

How To 

  • KB0517269: Gathering and page data
  • KB0647698: How to obtain slow widget debug timing in Service Portal
  • KB0635968: How to cancel a long running transaction | all nodes
  • KB0634930: How to change the tag "DEMO Server"
  • KB0745198: How to get the top 10 values from a table using the GlideAggregate function
  • KB0661882: How to set dictionary attributes quickly for all fields in a table or set of tables
  • KB0723049: How to detect stuck scheduled jobs that may be stuck on a non-existent node
  • KB0656014: How to cancel your slow user transactions
  • KB0727199: How to identify slow lookup variables in the Service Catalog
  • KB0634955: How to change the homepage refresh behavior
  • KB0564339: Understanding browser usage from transaction logs

Improve User Performance

  • KB0683275: Internet Explorer 11 performance - no longer supported
  • KB0563671: Improving homepage performance
  • KB0635324: Optimize widget rendering time on responsive dashboards
  • KB0635119: Modifying 'Workflow Stage' field from Graphical to Text
  • KB0517272: Verifying whether you have inefficient business rules

Best Practices

  • KB0750152: Good practices to improve instance performance through row count, related lists and dashboards
  • KB0546788: Best practices – general planning
  • Community: Server-side Coding in ServiceNow
  • KB0687724: ServiceNow load testing

Event Queue (sysevent) 

  • KB0721202: Reduce un-necessary text index events from causing overhead on events processing
  • KB0676909: Create a dedicated event processor
  • KB0686835: Platform events processing
  • KB0755187: Event queue has very high number of queued events
  • KB0687779: Making the post clone regenerate text index process faster

Data Management

  • KB0724183: A script to automatically clean up sys_audit_delete and sys_audit_relation records
  • KB0780216: Data retention, rotation, cleanup and instance size
  • KB0694151: Use "Table Cleaner" to remove unwanted data
  • KB0551417: Troubleshooting the Table Cleaner scheduled job
  • KB0789808: Background script execution (delete action) taking hours to complete and appears hung


  • KB0782916: How to create indexes using the Index Suggestion Engine (ISE)
  • KB0722985: Utilizing the INSTANCEOF operator to improve cmdb_ci queries.
  • KB0686002: Identifying and fixing slow queries in Service Portal widgets
  • KB0647687: Using "Active Query Index Hints" to improve slow query execution


  • KB0517267: Managing network connectivity issues
  • KB0547347: Outbound SOAP request times out at 175 seconds when going through a MID server
  • KB0521688: Troubleshooting network performance data collection
  • KB0749897: How to solve "infinite email" loops

On Premise 

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