There are Capacity/Availability entries on resource aggregates tables for users not having pps_resource role.


This issue may occur if the aggregates are updated when the user has the pps_resource role and, after that the role is removed.

As an example, the following order of events will trigger this behavior:

  1. User A belongs to Group One;
  2. pps_resource role is added to Group One and, for that reason, User A inherits the role as well;
  3. Resource manager runs the "Update Aggregates" UI action ont he Group One - this will create capacity and availaibilty entries for all users in the group as they have the resource role;
  4. pps_resource role is removed from the group (and from the users);
  5. Altough users no longer have the role, the capacity and availability aggregate entries will remain;


This is the Out-Of-Box expected behavior.

There is no mechanism to remove or set to zero the aggregate entries when the pps_resource role is removed from a user or group.

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Last Updated:2020-10-14 11:32:10