Is there a way to create a port scan discovery schedule that will ONLY scan for certificates? More generally is there a way to disable discovery for everything except certificates scanning?

Release or Environment

  • New Feature in Orlando Version


  • Discovery schedule is scanning all the port probes networks and updating all the CMDB_CI records which is taking days to complete the discovery.


  • we have created a new discovery behaviour and added a new discovery functionality of "https:tlsssl" and gave mid server name.

  • Discovery Functionality defines what each MID Server in this behavior must do, specifically which protocols to detect.
  • we have enabled the tls_ssl_certs port probe and make sure it is active

  • we have created functionality criteria which should scan only certificates and the functionality should be active.

  • we have ran the discovery to check if it is scanning only tls_ssl certificates.
  • It is been observed that it has ran the discovery according to the functionality behaviour i.e. scanned only certificates.

  • we also tried to ran the discovery by disabling the discovery functionality criteria which should scan all the port probes CI's with certificates and it has worked as expected.

  • Discovery scanned all port probes when functionality set to "false"

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Last Updated:2020-07-30 11:06:47
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