Interactive Analysis shows confusing results when group by is a 'Date/Time' field. 

Steps to Reproduce: 
1. Hop to any OOB instance
2. Open change_request.LIST
3. Personalize list to add "Planned end date" field
4. Right-click the context menu of "Planned end date" -> "Launch Interactive Analysis"
5. Ensure that the 'Group By' is "Planned end date"
6. Click on any bar showing the date. Example, let us look at the bar showing ">2 Months"

From the UI, a user expects this bar to show a list of records whose 'Planned end date' is after 2 months or more from now but actually it shows the records whose planned end date was before 2 months or more from now.

The same issue is with other due date groups as well.


In the interactive analysis, the report on the left panel uses report ranges when you group by a time/date field, this is an undocumented behavior. Unfortunately, right now report ranges are for historical data only thus can not be applied upon time stamp in the future.


This is expected behavior and no plans to change in the near future. An enhancement request can be opened if it needs to be considered.

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Last Updated:2020-06-11 21:16:25