In Orlando a new clone option has been provided that will preserve any update sets that are currently in a state of 'In progress' on the target instance. This new functionality is intended to help the customer when cloning over a development instance and prevent the need for manual preservation steps. By default the option is not selected when you schedule a clone but you can select the "Last 90 days" from the dropdown to trigger it.

How does the new functionality work?

When this functionality is active the following actions will be taken on the instance that has been used as the clone target.

  • The 'in progress' update sets will be moved to the Retrieved Update Set (sys_remote_update_set) table after the clone.
  • The admin user will then be expected to preview this update set and commit it.
  • This will then re-apply the updates and also move the update set back to the sys_update_set table
  • The update set can then be changed back to a state of 'In progress' and development can continue.

Please note that currently this will only work with Global update sets.

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Last Updated:2020-07-17 03:05:32
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